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What is Resilient Boxing... 

To be Resilent is simply being able to bounce back, the ability to come through tough situations with a quick recovery. My greatest feeling of achievement is being able to give back. It is a pleasure to help anyone to improve their life, through developing self confidence, sometimes thats a first for many of my clients.  My Mom, through her support and Love, My Dad for teaching me character and starting me down this road and my boxing coaches have changed my life. They moved my world and my goal is to do the same for my clients.


The "Float" Concept

In boxing when standing toe to toe with another fighter can be intimidating for so many. As you develop, the ability to move by instinct, smoothly without hesitation is called floating.  If you are toe to toe with a football player, a hockey player or a basketball player,  the "Float" Concept comes into play and will be a benefit for any athlete. A level of confidence that is unphased, that you have complete control and balance with your performance as an athlete.



 The benefits of Resilient Boxing are so widespread that it's almost hard to describe.  Each person comes with their own set of struggles.  As they develop strength, confidence and discipline they gain the skills to tackle their own struggles. Its amazing to see this single concept of Resilient boxing help personal growth in so many area's of life.

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