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Resilient Boxing




My name is Emil Hector and I am the creator of Resilient Boxing. I live in the Saint Charles area and I have a husky I love so much. I spend my time off cooking, traveling, trying new foods and maintaining a healthy active lifestyle. I love to use boxing as an outlet to express who I am. Growing up in a rural area I was constantly bullied.  At 14 my Dad started teaching me boxing, I fell in love with it. It gave me confidence and discipline to become a stronger and better person.  Bullying stopped and I didn't need to fight to stop it. Boxing also disciplined me and pushed me to always go out of my comfort zone. I’ve been knocked down so many times and boxing strengthend my personality to be able to get back up and move forward or even start over if necessary. I’ve been training students of all ages for almost 10 years. I've been proud to watch how the disciplines of boxing has helped improve my students.




My son Trey Edwards 1st started boxing lessons with Emil in 2018 at Title Boxing. We were looking for a boxing trainer to teach our son Trey the sport and to increase his hand speed, foot speed, hand eye coordination etc.

We had heard from friends and family that boxing was a great cross training sport for basketball so therefore our goal was to find a great trainer to help our son with reaching his fullest potential. 

Boxing training is great for building confidence and that’s exactly what Emil has done for Trey.  Emil is very knowledgeable and shows tons of patience when instructing techniques and boxing strategies. Emil’s energy and enthusiasm is unmatched and we love his passion. 

4 years later Trey now looks at Emil as a role model and inspiration to keep chasing his dreams to be a pro athlete.  Trey is exceeding expectations on the court and if it wasn’t for Emil my son Trey would not be where he is today. 

Emil has taught Trey life lessons that will build his character and groom him to be a well rounded individual.  Emil is also a great motivator and we are blessed to have him in our lives. 

Emil has changed so many lives in the 3D Community and his hardwork and commitment to helping others is very contagious.Emil is always professional and always positive and he is always encouraging the youth to face adversity head on.  He is frequently telling clients that’s it’s ok to get knocked down as long as you get up and keep fighting. This is such an important life lesson because we all get knocked down in life but we have to remember to always get up and try again.

Emil started off as our son’s boxing trainer and ended up as FAMILY.  We can’t thank you enough for all you do. We love you and wish Resilient Boxing more continued success.

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